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People and animals have to learn how to live in harmony, whether they like it or not. Usually, both humans and animals tend to stay away from each other. However, there are times when our paths cross. If you have a raccoon in your yard or another wild animal, turn to us. We, from AAA Animal Wild Removal Inc, have years of experience in the field and know how to get you out of the unpleasant situation. Here is what we can offer to the residents of North Fort Myers, FL:

Timely wild animal removal services
Is a raccoon keep foraging your garbage can? Was that a snake you just saw in your garden? Do not panic and do not try to handle it by yourself! Get in touch with our professionals right away and we will take it from there. Our team knows hot to deal with unwelcomed guests such as geese, snakes, raccoons, rodents, bees, and many others in a safely and timely manner. We will trap the animal in the least harmful for it way and then release it back into its natural habitat as soon as possible. If, however, it is too late and it has died, don’t just toss it in the trash. Wildlife often carries diseases. Call us for our dead animal removal service and we will get the job done.


If you are from North Fort Myers, FL and need a timely wildlife removal or control service, you know who to turn to. Contact us today and ask about our specials and discounts!

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Affordable local animal control services
Wildlife control service is important for every property owner. As the superior species we, the humans, carry the responsibility for our peaceful co-existence with nature and its inhabitants. Whether you have already had an encounter with some of them or you are simply looking for preventive measures, we can provide you with an animal control service. We will discuss what can potentially attract the intruders, how to keep them away, and what to do if they eventually come back.


Thank you guys for the timely service. I am petrified of snakes and you being there to take care of it was very calming for me. You are the ... Read More Reviews

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